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Client was a volunteer, ride-along passenger in a CHP vehicle that was hit by another vehicle with various injuries suffered including shoulder, neck and back:  Gross total recovery: $350,000.00

Bad faith claim for improper handling by clients' insurance carrier on a home damage loss: Gross total recovery for property repairs and emotional damages $1.5 million

Employment discrimination: Gross total recovery: $100,000.00.    

Defective products liability with resulting injury to bus operator: gross total recovery against manufacturer $200,000.00  (+ additional monies obtained because of dangerous working conditions)

Client's civil rights violated; business refused to allow use of the restroom based upon on race: Gross total recovery: $50,000.00

Business client submitted multiple claims for merchandise lost in transit but its insurance carrier denied all of the claims, asserting the insured failed to comply with it policy requirements: Gross total recovery: $94,470.00    

Client/passenger in vehicle, driven by an uninsured driver who rear-ender another vehicle driven by a drunk driver. (The carrier for the drunk driver denied the claim entirely.): Gross total recovery: $15,000.00 policy limits from the client/passenger's own uninsured motorist policy; following litigation against the drunk driver, the carrier changed its denial position and paid its $15,000.00 policy limits for a total of $30,000.