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Practice Areas: Personal Injury

People get hurt. Robert J. Worth has years of experience including nearly 15 years in insurance both in claims handing and as the former Claims Training Administrator responsible for the administration of training of all liability claims representatives, supervisors and managers for Farmers Insurance, nationwide, so he knows how claims adjusters and managers process the claims and evaluate them for settlement. When the accident is someone else’s fault, or a corporation has manufactured a defective product that has caused an injury or damage the victim deserves prompt and fair consideration of their losses with appropriate compensation of all damages resulting from the accident and all necessary steps are taken including litigation if required, to get our clients all of the compensation, out-of-pocket losses, lost earnings and pain and suffering which they are entitled to recover.

In large and small cases, we aggressively fight for our clients’ rights against the other side’s frequently cold hearted insurance company claims staff and lawyers. It seems that some insurance claims people think they are smarter than claimants who have been injured and have damages, which were caused by the people they insure. Some claims adjusters seem to like to talk down to the injured claimants, which is why you should have Robert J. Worth on your side. He will insulate you from these types of claims people who may make an unreasonable, low ball offer to you if you are not represented and handling your claim alone. You should consider legal representation, immediately following your accident if you have been injured and suffered monetary damages. Over the years, we have handled major injury auto and motorcycle accidents, assaults and batteries, defamation (libel and slander), and dog attacks in courts throughout California. Fees for personal injury cases are on a contingency basis, meaning the fees are contingent on obtaining a recovery so, no attorney fees (or costs) are due until and unless a recovery is obtained through settlement, or mediation or we win in either arbitration or trial. The client pays absolutely nothing out of pocket.